Tactics for Enhancing Your Performance in Revelation Online

Being an accomplished player in Revelation Online, an MMORPG from NetEase Games, necessitates that gamers continually study its intricate mechanics. This piece will supply a synopsis of some of the key game mechanics that gamers should know to succeed in this game.

Increasing the progress of one’s character is achieved by leveling up.

Gaining levels is a key aspect of playing Revelation Online. To advance your character effectively, it is beneficial to focus on quests, dungeons, and other events that offer a great deal of experience points. Joining a guild or party can also help, as they can lend a hand with tough tasks. Leveling up gives you the chance to access better gear and new abilities, resulting in an overall improvement in your performance in the game.

Gaining and Enhancing One’s Divine Figure

In Revelation Online, players can gain access to additional powers and stats by obtaining a Divine Form. To get it, one must accumulate Divine Shards via daily tasks, events, and dungeons. When you have accumulated enough shards, they can be exchanged for a Divine Form. It is noteworthy that each character can only have one Divine Form.

Maximizing the strength of your Divine Form necessitates acquiring and upgrading Divine Cores. These special items provide your Divine Form with extra stats and capabilities. You can participate in events, dungeons, and purchase them from the game’s store to obtain Divine Cores. To upgrade your Divine Form, you need Divine Sparks, which can be earned by dismantling Divine Cores.

Achieving Optimal Performance with Your Gear

In order to make strides in Revelation Online, it is essential to maximize your gear. To reach a powerful status as a player, one must focus on acquiring and improving their gear to boost their character’s stats. The crème de la crème of the game is Legendary gear, which can be attained multiple ways, such as engaging in high-level dungeons and events, crafting, and trading. But, obtaining and upgrading Legendary gear is not a simple task; it requires a lot of effort, resources, and commitment.

Acquiring Legendary gear is not the only way to improve your attributes; there is also the possibility of enchanting them. Enchanting is the act of bestowing magic properties to augment the gear’s stats. To do this, you must gather the required items and materials to increase the enchantment level of the gear, which will provide a significant improvement to its attributes.

It is important to be aware of the fact that there are other ways to make your gear in Revelation Online the best it can be besides obtaining and leveling up Legendary equipment and enchanting it. Gemstones and glyphs are two methods that should be taken into consideration. Gemstones are items that can be inserted into your gear to increase its attributes, and glyphs are magical symbols that can be inscribed on your gear to give extra benefits.

The process of obtaining and enhancing your wings is a very important one.

Revelation Online features wings as a part of the game which grant players extra stats and powers. Acquiring them requires completing quests, events, and dungeons in order to gather Wing Feathers. Exchange the feathers to get your wings; however, you can only have one set per character.

To make your wings more powerful, you should focus on acquiring and strengthening your Wing Souls. These items provide your wings with extra stats and skills. You can get Wing Souls by joining events, dungeons, and buying them from the game store. To upgrade your wings, you need Wing Essence, which can be acquired by dismantling Wing Souls.

Making progress in Revelation Online necessitates developing your character’s attributes, and one way to do this is through getting and boosting your Divine Artefacts. These items improve your character’s attributes and can be attained by playing events, dungeons, and buying them from the game’s store. To upgrade your Divine Artefacts, you must possess Divine Pearls, and these can be acquired by dismantling Divine Artefacts.

In addition, you should also concentrate on improving your Soul Grid. This feature increases your character’s attributes by inserting Soul Stones. These items can be obtained by participating in special events, dungeons, or bought in the in-game store.

In Summary

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