Yoga Poses For Kids

Best Yoga Poses For Kids – Fun and Easy Sequences to Try at Home

Yoga is not only enjoyable, but it can teach kids a great deal about their bodies and minds. It assists them in staying focused, developing discipline, and decreasing stress levels.

Here are some fun and simple sequences you can try at home with your little ones. They’re sure to love them!

Warrior I

Warrior I poses are an excellent way for kids to develop focus, strength and balance as they form the basis of a regular yoga practice.

Warriors poses differ from restorative poses in that they are highly active and energizing, which helps improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Furthermore, warrior poses strengthen legs and upper arms, stretch muscles around hips, and improve back health.

Leg strength is essential for supporting your entire body weight and moving easily from pose to pose. It may even provide relief to those suffering from low back pain or sciatica.

To enter this pose, step your right foot about four feet forward and turn it 90 degrees so it points towards the front of the mat. Keep your left heel flat on the floor, then bend your knee and lunge into Warrior II.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is a popular standing balance pose in kids yoga classes. It activates the hip, back, tummy and shoulder muscles while strengthening hamstrings, calves and knees.

Children often find this pose to be comforting and relaxing, helping them ground themselves when feeling overwhelmed or hyper.

Experience this yoga sequence at home or with your kids to see how it affects them. Put on some soothing music and have a peaceful yoga session together.

For extra support when doing this pose, kneel down alongside your child and support them around their hips. This will make standing on one leg much easier, balancing naturally on their arms for support.

Stand in this pose and flex your foot, then reach both of your palms together at either your heart or overhead to feel like branches reaching for the sun. Remember that trees sway in the breeze!

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is an ideal at-home practice for kids to strengthen their backs and glutes, improve posture, and reduce stress.

It can also help relieve neck and shoulder pain. However, if you’re prone to back discomfort, consult with your healthcare provider before beginning this treatment.

For a less strenuous variation, place a yoga block under your sacrum (the flat triangular bone at the base of your spine). This supports your lower back and may help alleviate symptoms associated with kyphosis.

To enhance the stretch in this pose, breathe into your lower belly. Doing so can help you hold the pose longer and feel a deeper contraction throughout your core.

Child’s Pose

If your child is hyperactive or sensory-seeking, Child’s Pose can be the ideal way to relax their mind. Deep breathing and relaxing movements activate the limbic system of the brain – which regulates emotions – helping it become a peaceful space.

This posture helps to relieve tension from the lower back muscles, chest, hamstrings and shoulders. Additionally, it gently stretches the hips and thighs.

You may want to experiment with variations of this pose, adjusting your child’s torso for a more restful experience. If their hip thighs or ankles are stiff, try placing a folded blanket beneath their shins to take the pressure off their knees and make this posture more comfortable.

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